Anti Corrosive Pigments

Anti Corrosive Pigments

Which anti corrosive pigments can be used for incorporation in polyacrylate and polyurethane dispersions ?

Here we would recommending of the following, depending on specific requirements :
1. Aluminium triphosphate
2. Calcium phosphate
3. Zinc iron phospate
4. Calcium ferrite
5. Zinc phosphosilicate
6. Calcium phosphosilicate
7. Calcium borosilicate
8. Phosphorus silicate

These are available with different modifications. For dark and grey coatings the old established micaceous iron oxide is recommended, as well as iron phosphate.

Surface treated pigments can be used in certain cases and product based on hollow beads may be used to achieve certain other effects. Some these products exist with metal surface, e.g. silver and copper. Generaly speaking it is an advantage to use combinations of different pigments.

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