Mural Creation, Pulling For The Wall

Mural Creation, Pulling For The Wall

The mural is a painting on the walls of art making. Current mural art has been developed and widely used to decorate the interior walls of the house. Creation of murals on the walls you can get by using paint.

Of course to get the desired decorative look the way the process is different with painting the walls in general. Decorate the walls of the room with the mural creation requires a specific technique so the wall will look alluring. But, for those who are interested in displaying a different impression, you do not have to worry as mural painting technique is not difficult to do, you also can try to do it themselves.

Before you create a mural, you first define the concept or form of painting that you will make. Make sure the concept is consistent with the function of space and character of the inhabitants. For example a child's room would be better if you choose a concept that could help the growth and development of the child. Similarly, for the dining room, you can choose themes related to food such as vegetables or fruits.

paint creations Do a mural using paint creations. So as not extravagant, you can mix paint colors to one another to get new colors. This is because the mural technique takes a lot of color unless you are going to make lukiasan which has only two or three colors. Once the concept had to be made ready, then you should check the condition of the wall if there are cracks or holes in the wall to do fillings.

If you're ready, you can do a mural technique to create patterns on the wall using chalk, so if anything goes wrong it's easier to fix. Then you can paint the walls with the color you choose matches the pattern you have created. When finished let it dry mural.

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