Primary paint applications on Repainting

Primary paint applications on Repainting

Paint a wall capable of displaying a beautiful and colorful impression on the interior. So that if the interior of your house already looks less attractive, one way you can do is repainting the corresponding desired color

However, to obtain maximum results repainting of course you have to consider several things. Moreover, if the wall surface is less than perfect conditions such as fine or there is no dirt. This makes you need a primer before you apply the final paint according to color of your choice.

Wall Painting Well, to give a layer of primer paint there are steps you must take care, among which are as follows:
  • Clean the first wall to be painted to remove dirt and dust attached to the wall. You can use clean water or soap to clean the walls.
  • Then leave to dry wall.
  • Stir the primer paint is still in the can.
  • Make sure you stir it evenly so that all colors can be located on the flat and no buildup.
  • Pour into a bucket of paint primer that you use as a paint container.
  • Dip your paint roller is evenly into the bucket then drain overage paint roller attached to, so there is no dripping from the edge of the paint roller.
  • Brush your primer paint roller to the wall to form the letter "M" or "W", thereby reducing the risk of dripping paint primer and its agglomerate on the wall.
  • Continue to apply primer to paint the entire wall completely coated by a layer of primer paint.
  • After the primer dries paint, you can begin to paint the end / paint the walls with the color of your choice.
Do things on top for the perfect repainting.

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