Beautiful Color

Beautiful Color

Color is a certain spectrum contained in a perfect light (white). The identity of a specified color of the light wavelength. For example, the blue color has a wavelength of 460 nanometers.

Types of Color

Primary colors,
Primary colors are primary colors that can not be produced from a mixture of any color. Composed of primary colors than three colors: red, yellow, blue.

Secondary color,
Secondary color is the color obtained from a mixture of two primary colors. For example, a mixture of red with yellow will produce orange, yellow with blue color will result in green, and blue with red produce purple.

Tertiary colors,
Tertiary colors are the color of the mixture of primary colors with secondary colors. For example, a yellow color with the color orange will yield, yellow orange, red to purple produce, red purple etc..

beautiful ColorColor Tone
Tone color is caused by the impression of something radiant light or dark colors are produced through a mixture of colors with white or black origin. Lighter color when mixed with white. A dark color when mixed with black. To get a darker color tone, color ditindihkan layer after layer. Tone color is the color of the type that is useful for creating three-dimensional space and form in art.

The color impression
Color can change mood, affect the outlook, and are able to create an atmosphere of comfort for a person and has a unique character that is different from one another. Color is the most appropriate and most powerful to bring transformation and delivery of new perspectives. Color is one of the most valuable inspiration the world's most easily found.

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