Color Guide for your bedroom

Color Guide for your bedroom

Colors used to design the bedroom is usually the colors that have cool characters such as the color green or blue. Because if you use warm colors like red, yellow, and orange, will appear live atmosphere that causes an uncomfortable feeling.

Guide color for your bedroom
To make it easy to apply the color for the bedroom, we present the following guide to choose the colors for the bedroom:

· Blue, blue was applied to the fitting room, the colors are able to give the impression not only sejuk.Agar room was quiet, but also dynamic should be combined with white. Combined the two colors gives a fresh impression.

· Pink, with pink color application on the walls, the room will seem romantic and gentle. To make it even more character, you should mix with black color on the accessories. So at once elegant and modern look creates a pleasant ambience. But if you prefer the classic feel feminine, mix pink with neutral colors such as beige or white.

· Green, green is the most soothing cool colors. Application of green color can create a sense of refreshing the mind becomes more relaxed. In addition, the green color can also form a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. You can also choose green as the main color in the bedroom.

· Purple, the color purple became a color that can be applied apda bedroom. These colors can provide an atmosphere that can make your break more qualified. Was increasingly felt soundly asleep.

· Neutral colors and natural, are included in this group of colors such as beige, white, or brown color. By applying these colors, the room will seem calm, peaceful, and gives a sense of flexibility for the residents. Seem somewhat stiff, you can add accents to use bright colors like red or orange is applied to the accessories, for example, sheets, pillows, or carpets.

Well, you could try the above colors to design a bedroom.

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