Do you understand the world of painting?

Do you understand the world of painting?

Repainting the interior wall space is the simplest part in reforming the home environment such as housekeeping and room in the home page, especially the living room and family room.

warld of painting You can do the activities of the house interior repainted wall smoothly if you've planned well and not in a hurry. Recognize and understand the function of equipment and materials in advance, such as:
  1. Identifying and selecting the desired paint
  2. Determine the theme and color combination in accordance with the existing interior elements
  3. Prepare yag equipment required (eg roll large / small, sandpaper, brushes, etc.)
After all the above equipment is ready, you can proceed to the next stage of the preparation wall surfaces to be painted. This is very important because 70% of the success of the painting is determined by how we prepare well so that the wall surface can be obtained by painting a satisfactory result.

Surface preparation of walls

New wall, make sure the conditions are really dry, clean the surface of the remaining plaster to free wall of dust, high pressure water spray, if there are oil stains deterjent wash with water then rinse with clean and dry. Wall with a primer coat Alkali Resisting Primer water based, primer is intended to protect the paint finish of the salts produced in the reaction of the cement wall.
To the cracked wall, holes or uneven, use plamir let stand a few days, sandpaper and clean of dust, let it dry. Use of plamir be minimum, avoid plamir the entire surface of the wall so that the sticky paint is not reduced.
Old walls, clean the surface of the rest of the paint is peeling, use a primer Killer Alkali-based solvent / oil, allow to dry. To effectively remove moss, you can use a mixture of water and household bleach
Implementation of Painting
  • To avoid excess paint, count needs to calculate the wall area divided by the dispersive ability of ordinary paint marked on the product specifications.
  • Prepare the main cat, first stir, pour into the bucket as needed.
  • Perform painting with a roll starting from the very top, if you want to recoat (2nd tier) let the first.
  • To adjust the dilution to the specification typically ± 20-30%.
  • In the determination of colors, combine colors in accordance with our creativity, as each individual is different.
If you follow the steps above, then you will get the final results are in accordance with the wishes.

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